In-hospital QCPR Leaderboard Flyers, Checklists, Instructional Items

updated 2016.02.29 – added the Infant QCPR 2hand encircling flyer.

  • [ddownload id=”315″ text=”Color Photo Instructions for Study Subjects (Adult QCPR)”][ddownload_filesize id=”315″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”315″] times.
  • [ddownload id=”316″ text=”Color Photo Instructions for Study Subjects (Infant QCPR)”] [ddownload_filesize id=”316″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”316″] times.
  • [ddownload id=”585″ text=”Flyer for Infant QCPR (2 hand encircling method)”][ddownload_filesize id=”585″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”585″] times.


  • [ddownload id=”317″ text=”Decoding QR Codes”] [ddownload_filesize id=”317″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”317″] times.
  • [ddownload id=”340″ text=”Checklist on How to Recruit & Enroll”]  [ddownload_filesize id=”340″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”340″] times.
  • [ddownload id=”413″ button=”grey” text = “Badges Guide (Color) version 1″]  [ddownload_filesize id=”413″].  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”413”] times.