Our current Executive Board was elected in 2021 and consists of the following 14 simulation experts in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K:

Co-Chair: Cara Doughty, MD, MEd
Texas Children’s Hospital & Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Co-Chair: Kimberly Stone, MD, MS, MA
University of Washington & Seattle Children’s Hospital, USA 
Co-Chair: Aaron Calhoun, MD, FAAP, FSSH
University of Louisville & Norton Children’s Hospital, USA
Treasurer: Travis Whitfill, MPH, MACE
Yale University, USA
Isabel Gross, MD
Yale University School of Medicine, USA
Leah Mallory, MD
The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center, USA
T. Bram Welch-Horan, MD
Baylor College of Medicine, USA
Kamal Abulebda, MD
Riley Hospital for Children, USA
Priti Jani, MD, MPH
University of Chicago, Comer Children’s Hospital, USA
Nancy M. Tofil, MD, MEd
University of Alabama at Birmingham & Children’s of Alabama, USA
Hilary Woodward, MS, CCLS
New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia University Medical Center,  USA

Brittany Dahlen, RN, 
Children’s Minnesota, USA
Tensing Maa, MD, FAAP
Nationwide Children’s Hospital & Ohio State University, USA
Junior Director
Michael Wagner, MD
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Monica Evans-Lombe, CAE INSPIRE Executive Director

Our founding Executive Committee and current Advisors consisted of the following 10 simulation experts from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K:

  • Adam Cheng MD, Co-Chair INSPIRE, Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Marc Auerbach MD, MSc, Co-Chair INSPIRE,  Yale University
  • David Kessler MD, MSc, Research Chair INSPIRE, Columbia University
  • Ralph Mackinnon MD, International Chair INSPIRE, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
  • Todd Chang MD, Technology Chair INSPIRE, Children’s Hospital of LA
  • Jordan Duval-Arnould, Technology Chair INSPIRE, Johns Hopkins University
  • Vinay Nadkarni MD, MOC Chair INSPIRE, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Elizabeth Hunt MD, PhD, Senior Co-Chair INSPIRE, Johns Hopkins University
  • Martin Pusic MD, PhD, Senior Co-Chair INSPIRE, New York University School of Medicine
  • Nicola Peiris, BSc, Network Manager INSPIRE, Alberta Children’s Hospital