Sim Story Corps

This year at the 2018 INSPIRE meeting at IMSH following a discussion of SAFETY II, the group came up with a great idea to create a repository for the simulation community to share positive success stories resulting from simulation work.

INSPIRE has created a short survey to help us centrally collect these stories here:

The survey is ANONYMOUS but people can enter their country/region to help us get a sense of the scope/breadth of our SimPact.

Share your own tales, or share with your colleagues and students as a way to start collecting and memorializing the impact of your work.

We’ve even created a super tiny url (here: ). Keep the link in your phone, or email signature, to be able to quickly send to people after your simulations or when they tell you a feel-good story of Sim.

Our hope is that we can use these stories to intermittently share some positive tales with the community, to provide anecdotes for your grant applications, and perhaps when we have enough stories it might serve as a useful database for some of your research ideas.