In-hospital QCPR Leaderboard Writing Groups

2016-05-10 14.57.47
I enjoy presenting at a 90 degree angle. Congrats to Vartan Pahalyants, Chenthila Nagamuthu, and Charmin Gohel to the 1st Poster Presentation on behalf of our Group.

Update 2016.05.23.  We currently have 8 manuscripts planned and are still roughly on schedule.

manuscript plan

1a.  Technical Report

1b.  Gamification, Leaderboards and Theory

2.  Baseline predictors for adult QCPR

3.  Baseline predictors for infant QCPR


5.  ? European vs. American Guidelines for infant QCPR

6.  Qualitative Inquiry of QCPR and leaderboard experience

7.  Perfectionism & Practice Patterns

8.  The Splinters

Details and authorship assignments are listed here: [ddownload id=”661″ text=”Updated 2017.01.16 document detailing all Manuscripts planned and authorship assignments.”]  Downloaded [ddownload_count id=”661″] times.