Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

The INSPIRE Scientific Review Committee (SRC) is responsible for:

  • Management of the project review process for research proposals, manuscripts and grants. These formally occur twice per year at the IMSH and INSPIRE Virtual meetings as part of the ALERT presentation process.
  • Ongoing updates and revisions of the INSPIRE scientific review process (e.g ALERT presentation templates, submission processes, rating/feedback processes, etc).
  • Dissemination of INSPIRE research expectations and templates (e.g. INSPIRE poster templates, acknowledgments of INSPIRE in a poster/manuscript, INSPIRE bylines, etc).
  • Development of educational processes intended to enhance the research knowledge and skillsets of those affiliated with INSPIRE (e.g research design, project implementation, writing skills, etc).


Priti Jani, MD, MPH

University of Chicago, Comer Children’s Hospital, IL, USA


Nancy M Tofil, MD MeD

University of Alabama in Birmingham, AL, USA


  • Christopher M Kennedy, MD – University of Kansas School of Medicine, KS, USA
  • Linda Brown, MD MSCE – Brown University, RI, USA
  • Akira Nishisaki, MD MSCE – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Frank Overly, MD – Brown University, RI, USA
  • Aaron W Calhoun, MD – University of Louisville, KY, USA
  • Tarek R. Hazwani, MD – King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Kamal M Abulebda, MD – Indiana University, IN
  • Karen A Mangold, MD MeD – Northwestern University, IL, USA
  • Arun Bansal, MD – Virginia Hospital Center, VA, USA
  • Benjamin T Kerrey, MD – University of Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Wendy Van Ittersum, MD – Northeast Ohio Medical University, OH, USA
  • Tali Capua, MD – Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Jabeen Fayyaz, MD FCPS, MCPS, DCH, MHPE, PhD – The Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, CA

As INSPIRE increases membership and sites, we receive more research proposals and collaborative interest.  To continue our objective to provide ongoing feedback and collaboration, we recruit interested and expert simulationists to address our proposals and help provide ongoing feedback throughout the life of the study.  If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] .