First Game-based Learning Summit

GBL Summit 2015A small group of serious games developers, psychology and human factors specialists, clinicians, and simulationists met Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2015 in New Haven to discuss how INSPIRE can lead the new subgroup forward. One of our work products will be a white paper / guideline that culminates many of the serious games publications already in the scientific literature to a User’s Guide for those interested in starting serious games-based research, particularly for first-time games researchers.

We’d love to have commentary and invite your expertise and interests!

[slideshare id=53519102&doc=kassam-adams-copingcoach-151004173845-lva1-app6891][slideshare id=53519097&doc=pridedisastervideogameciceroupdated-151004173843-lva1-app6891]
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[slideshare id=53519101&doc=gerard-151004173844-lva1-app6891]
[slideshare id=53519099&doc=changslides-151004173843-lva1-app6892]

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