INSPIRE & IPSS Host a Research Accelerator

INSPIRE & IPSS are proud to be hosting a one-day research accelerator in Toronto on May 19th, 2019 from 8am to 5pm (with a reception to follow) titled:

“Saving Lives: Improving the Quality of Pediatric Resuscitation Across the World”

This innovative research summit will bring together thought leaders from diverse academic, industry, & technologic organizations throughout the world.

The summit aims to bring together healthcare simulation scientists with industry and other stakeholder partners to brainstorm ways in which we can accelerate science and progress in saving pediatric lives from cardiac arrest.

Attendees will hear from leaders and will break out into five themed areas to address the question: How do we save more pediatric lives from cardiac arrest around the world by accelerating discoveries in these various areas through healthcare simulation science?

The 5 specific domains being explored are:

  1. Digital technology (e.g. serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality)
  2. Educational best practice & translation
  3. Low resource settings and other disparities
  4. Technology integration, Smart environments & Interoperability
  5. Systems of Care

The summit will culminate in presentations by each of the domain working groups to our expert panel of judges in a “shark-tank” style process.

The “winning” presentation will be crafted into a “request for funding proposals” that we plan to use for our next INSPIRE award solicitation.  i.e. this meeting will directly translate into a funded research project!

Join us in Toronto and be part of the conversation!

Registration is $125 USD or $50 USD for students/trainees, and can be added while registering for IPSSW2019. 

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