IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship. The deadline to apply for the 2020 fellowship program has now passed. We encourage you to apply later this year for the 2021 fellowship class. If you submitted an application, your submission is currently being reviewed by the IPSS-INSPIRE Simulation Fellowship Team. If you have any questions, please contact the IPSS executive office at [email protected].

The IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship is a program with the goal of building future leaders in pediatric simulation across the world. We are striving to bring the knowledge and skills we have gained to the widest possible audience.

IPSS and INSPIRE created this fellowship to support investigators in their simulation career, exposing them to simulation related experiences and mentorship to broaden horizons, and promote excellence in education and investigative simulation-based research. We encourage all members to spread the word to fellow colleagues to apply to take part in this enriching program!


– Isabel T. Gross, MD PhD MPH
On behalf of the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship Committee

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