Save the Date – INSPIRE Business Meeting

Join us for the INSPIRE Business Meeting on May 4th from 11am – 2pm EDT.

INSPIRE Co-Chairs, Aaron Calhoun, Cara Doughty and David Kessler, will share the many accomplishments of 2020-21, provide a state of INSPIRE with project updates and facilitate the transition of leadership to the newly elected board.

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11:00 AM – Business Meeting

  • Year in Review / Accomplishments
  • Finance Update
  • Leadership Transition
  • Ahead / Strat Plan Update

11:30 AM – Project Updates

  • Young Investigator Project
  • PEAK Project
  • Distance Simulation Project
  • DEI Project
  • ALERT 10th Anniversary Project
  • CPR Coach Update
  • KJ Paper
  • SQUIRE Guidelines Project

12:30 PM – Fellowship Updates & Presentations

1:15 PM – Networking Breakouts

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