2019 INSPIRE Executive Board Election Results

We are thrilled to announce the 2019 INSPIRE Executive Board. Please join me in congratulating the successful candidates following the 2019 INSPIRE Election.

Newly Elected Network Co-Chair:
Aaron Calhoun

Joining current Co-Chair: David Kessler

Newly Elected Executive Board Members:
Isabel Gross, Leah Mallory and Nancy Tofil

Joining returning Executive Board Members: Mark Adler, Jennifer Arnold, Jonathan Duff, Kimberly Stone and Travis Whitfill. Adam Cheng is transitioning to Ex Officio Member.

Newly Elected Junior Board Member:
Lindsay Nadkarni

We also wish to extend our grateful thanks to our outgoing board members for their contributions and commitment to INSPIRE.

  • Marc Auerbach
  • David Grant

We are sure you will agree this is a stellar group of individuals to add to the INSPIRE Executive Board.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the election process this year including those who cast their vote and those who ran in the election. We appreciate you taking time to participate in such an important event and helping to shape the future of your organization.

View the full 2019 Executive Board Listing

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