INSPIRE 2019 Call for Committee Membership

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INSPIRE is pleased to announce a call for service to join in the important work of our committees: Scientific Review, Project Support, Awards/Funding, and Junior Member Development.

INSPIRE is a grass-roots active research network that relies upon the efforts of its members to move the network and the field forward.

Interested applicants should be good at taking initiative and problem-solving and expect an opportunity to perform substantial work that contributes meaningfully to the network’s growth and development.  Lack of experience is not a problem- as we pride ourselves on grooming the next generation of researchers- and the committees are a great way to learn from and alongside more experienced members.

A description of responsibilities for each position, as well as the expected work and time commitments, are included below.

If you are interested in applying for committee membership, please click on the following survey link:

Please note that the call for service will close on July 31.

Scientific Review Committee

Mandate- The scientific review committee has two primary areas of oversight: ALERT presentation review/selection/organization and research consultation.

Call for Volunteers – We’re seeking 2-3 additional members. Anyone with experience in simulation-based research and an interest in peer-review is openly welcomed. Tasks include: (1) helping manage the ALERT review process; (2) reviewing ALERT submissions; and (3) assisting with research consultations.

Expected time commitment- Expected time commitment during ALERT review season (July-Dec and Feb-May) is 4-6 hours/month and during the rest of the year is ~1 hour/month. Committee appointments are for 2 years.

Project Support Committee:

Mandate- To follow-up and facilitate appropriate support for INSPIRE projects previously presented in ALERT format so that appropriate momentum is maintained

Call for volunteers- We are looking for 2-3 additional members (for 5 total) to divide up oversight of outstanding projects, check in with primary investigators, identify the status of projects and barriers to progress, and facilitate identification of project goals and timeline. Responsibilities also include assuring that INSPIRE is appropriately recognized during dissemination and reporting on project progress to the committee on a quarterly basis. Finally, this committee has been charged with developing a categorization schema for all previous INSPIRE projects, which we hope to turn into a publishable work.

Expected time commitment- The expected time commitment is ~1-2 hours a month (though this will be flexible) with a quarterly conference calls. Based on current submission rates, team members will be expected to follow approximately 4-6 ALERTS per year. Committee appointments are for 2 years.

Awards/Funding Committee

Mandate- The funding committee has two primary areas of oversight: internal funding (distributing research awards) and external funding (seeking grants and funding to fund INSPIRE and add sustainability to the organization).

Call for volunteers- Anyone with an interest in or experience with grant writing or reviewing proposals is openly welcomed. Tasks include: (1) helping manage the review process; (2) reviewing award proposals; (3) grant writing and reviewing (for external funding); and (4) triaging requests for grant-related letters of support from INSPIRE . We’re seeking 2-3 additional members.

Expected time commitment- The expected time commitment during award review season (July-Dec) is 4-6 hours/month and during the rest of the year is ~1 hour/month. Committee appointments are for 2 years.

Communication and Social Media Committee

Committee Mandate- The Communication and social media committee is charged with maintaining and developing the INSPIRE website in conjunction with staff, and with communicating network activities both within and without the network via social media.

Call for Service- Web and Social Media Committee is looking for 2 additional members with skill in social media and web design. One of these individuals will be tasked with the ongoing maintenance and innovative development of the INSPIRE webpage. Skill in website design is required for this role. The second individual will be tasked with monitoring the ongoing state of INSPIRE’s activities and ensuring that appropriate and timely communications are sent both to members and to outside entities via multiple social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Expected Time Commitment – The expected time commitment is ~2-4 hours/month performing their roles in addition to their presence on bimonthly conference calls. Committee appointments are for 2 years.

Junior Member Development Committee

Mandate- The Junior Member Development Committee is charged with supporting and developing trainee members of INSPIRE.

Call for volunteers- The junior member development committee is seeking INSPIRE members interested in promoting and developing trainee membership. Trainees include (but are not limited to) medical, nursing, and other allied healthcare professional students, interns, residents and fellows, PhD candidates, and all others in the process of obtaining a terminal degree and/or certification. Committee tasks may include: (1) assessing current trainee member needs; (2) developing programs to promote engagement and involvement of trainee members, and (3) building future leadership skills among trainees. We are seeking 3-4 additional members.

Expected time commitment- The expected time commitment is 2-4 hours per month. Committee membership is for 1 year.

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