Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Pediatrics – new Textbook available now!

By the Editors Dr. Vincent J Grant and Dr. Adam Cheng, and an authorship list that encompasses quite a few INSPIRE authors!  INSPIRE is proud to support a modern and thorough look at all facets of healthcare simulation, including the various different types of simulation, administrative issues, research issues, measurement issues, and so on.

The book can be explored here at this Springer Link.

Congratulations to the following authors!

Anne Ades
 Mark Adler
 Jennifer Arnold
 Marc Auerbach
 Farhan Bhanji
 Zia Bismilla
 Choon Bong
 Matthew Braga
 Guy Brisseau
 Linda Brown
 Rebekah Burns
 Aaron Calhoun
 Doug Campbell
 Todd P Chang
 Adam Cheng
 Kevin Ching
 Mark Cicero
 Suzette Cooke
 Ellen Deutsch
 Maria Carmen Diaz
 Aaron Donoghue
 Adam Dubrowski
 Jonathan Duff
 Jordan Duval-Arnould
 Dylan Bould
 Walter Eppich
 Tobias Everett
 Marino Festa
 Marisa Brett Fleegler
 Jim Gerard
 Elaine Gilfoyle
 Ron Gottesman
 David Grant
 Vincent Grant
 Mindy Fiedor Hamilton
 Ellen Heimberg
 Lennox Huang
 Betsy Hunt
 Lindsay Johnston
 Liana Kappus
 David Kessler
 Susanne Kost
 Afrothite Kotsakis
 Arielle Levy
 Yiqun Lin
 Lindsay Long
 Joe Lopreiato
 Tensing Maa
 Ralph Mackinnon
 Mary Beth Mancini
 Deepak Manhas
 Pete Meaney
 Garth Meckler
 Elaine Meyer
 Mike Moyer
 Elaine Ng
 Akira Nishisaki
 Denis Oriot
 Frank Overly
 Janice Palaganas
 Mary Patterson
 Dawn Taylor Peterson
 Jonathan Pirie
 Martin Pusic
 Jennifer Reid
 Nicola Peiris
 Traci Robinson
 Taylor Sawyer
 Ella Scott
 Yuko Shiima
 Nicole Shilkofski
 Elaine Sigalet
 Kimberly Stone
 Glenn Stryjewski
 Stephanie Sudikoff
 Nancy Tofil
 Terry Varshney
 Debra Weiner
 Marjorie Lee White
 John Zhong

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