Building Consensus for the Future of Paediatric Simulation

Dr Elizabeth A Hunt, MD MPH PhD (Johns Hopkins University)

Just published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learningthe INSPIRE KJ Reverse-Merlin exercise that outlines the future of pediatric simulation.  Hunt EA, Duval-Arnould J, Chime NO, Auerbach M, Kessler D, Duff JP, Shilkofski N, Brett-Fleegler M, Nadkarni V, Cheng A. Building consensus for the future of paediatric simulation: a novel ‘KJ Reverse-Merlin’ methodology. BMJ STEL .  And the consensus is to:

  1. allocate limited resources by engaging health systems partners to define education and research priorities
  2. conduct and publish rigorous translational and cost-effectiveness research
  3. foster collaborative multidisciplinary research and education networks
  4. design simulation solutions with systems integration and sustainability in mind
  5. leverage partnerships with industry for simulation, medical and educational technology
  6. advocate to engage the education community, research funding agencies and regulatory bodies.

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