Learn, See, Practice, Prove, Do, Maintain on a Podcast!

Dr Taylor E Sawyer, DO MEd (Seattle Children’s)

Episode 107 from KeyLime Podcasts, the Key Literature in Medical Education podcast from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons in Canada talks about shifting the paradigm of competency-based procedural education, and the newest paradigm in procedural education.  An abstract is listed here.  On which article?  Sawyer et al.’s Learn, see, practice, prove, do, maintain: an evidence-based pedagogical framework for procedural skill training in medicine in Academic Medicine 2015.  The KeyLIME hosts provides insight into how this framework fits into existing literature and more about competency maintenance as a new 21st century addition.  Do you have a new acronym of the model? #KeyLIME

Congratulations to Dr Sawyer, Dr Marjorie White, Dr Pavan Zaveri, Dr Todd P Chang, Dr Anne Ades, Dr Heather French, Dr JoDee Anderson, Dr Marc Auerbach, Dr. Lindsay Johnston, and Dr. David Kessler!

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